Life Is A Changeable Thing


Initiate Change Fitness was created out of the need and desire for people to have a friendly and personalized place to work on their health and fitness goals.  After over 16 years of experience working in some of the top commercial and corporate fitness companies, in Los Angeles, New York, and San Diego, I recognized that there are some serious challenges that big gyms face.  As beneficial as the fitness industry can be, there is a disconnect between what big gyms offer and meeting the clients needs.  There is very little connection between the clients and the instructors.  Many people go to the gym with only a basic knowledge of exercises and nutrition, but lack access to knowledgeable professionals.  Furthermore, there is a lack of emphasis on teaching people how to maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyle habits outside of the gym.  Initiate Change Fitness addresses all of these flaws and provides a place where clients get more than just a gym.

My staff and I take a personal interest in each of our clients.  We invest in wanting to see them achieve their goals, and will work on any and all areas of their lives to help them get there.

The studio is a place where you can come to workout, have fun, de-stress, feel confident, get strong, feel supported, encourage their friends, and get motivated. 

The classes are small and our instructors are directly reachable any time you have questions or concerns in regards to your health, fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle.

I love teaching and feel as though I show that through my work.  I developed and taught kinesiology classes for years at San Diego State University where I met Mariah and Sydney.  I recognized their amazing potential, similar compassion, and drive to help people within the health and nutrition industry.  I wanted them to be a part of my team.  I pass on my knowledge and experience to them, so that they can become the best that they desire to be, within this field.  We all share our knowledge openly and passionately with our clients because peoples' health and happiness is most important to us. 

We hope to see you in our classes to help you reach your goals!   

                                                                                            ~ Neely

Neely Waiche

Personal Trainer

Neely is the inspiration you need in your life! She sees the potential in you and teaches you how to see it in yourself.  She challenges you mentally and physically to get you out of your comfortable place and see what it feels like to live the life you have always wanted! Get ready to feel what its like to initiate a change!


Nutrition Specialist

Sydney is the personal chief you've dreamed of having in your kitchen! She can change a simple meal into a delicious and healthy option that you will always crave.  Her desire to try new foods and create recipes that inspire you to enjoy healthy foods is fun and relaxing for her. 


Personal Trainer

Mariah is everything you are looking for in a Group Fitness instructor! Her motivation and drive is in seeing you push through her killer workouts! She works hard, stays focused, and accomplishes everything she sets her mind to. Getting to work out with her is exactly what you need to feel strong, determined, and energized, more than you ever have before!

Lifestyle Specialist

Patty is the burst of joy you need in your day.  She thrives on making life to be as fulfilling as possible.  She is inspired by learning about people, experiencing new adventures, and teaching you how to live a balanced life that is healthy and enjoyable. 

We Appreciate Our Clients


"I've been so pleasantly surprised with my progress going to Initiate Change boot camps. Neely pushes me to my potential and makes the class fun while doing so. She's constantly changing up the workouts so we're never doing the same thing twice in a row, making sure all my muscles are worked. She gives each person in the class personal attention to be sure our form is correct and that each exercise is proper for the individual.
On top of great classes, Neely knows how to get me to class. She is encouraging and stays on top of me to be sure I'm working out. She helps with my nutrition and my home workouts as well! I've been so impressed with the "full service" that is provided when joining this class. Thank you Neely!!"


"I am so fortunate to have met Neely and get trained by her - she always goes above and beyond for me.  I started working out with her a couple years ago and seen nothing, but RESULTS! When I first started my form was off, I was out of shape and had absolutely no organized routine in my life.  Neely not only got me in shape, but she really took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle and my health.  She has also helped me organize my kitchen so that I can better prepare healthy, home cooked meals.  I always have questions about what to eat and she's more than happy to explain in detail and thoroughly help me decide what I can adjust in order to see effective results take place.  I've learned so much from her, and appreciate all that she has done in changing my life. I will never let this girl out of my sight!"


"Neely is the absolute best. Knowledgable, passionate, patient, encouraging, and just an amazing person. I workout/lift weights with her at least once a week--she somehow makes the entire experience fun and painless. Definitely has taught me a lot and improved my physique!"