About Me.

Sydney Victoria Sagisi

Hello everyone, my name is Sydney and I'm so happy to have you here reading my blog! A little bit about me is that I am a fourth year student finishing my Bachelors in Foods & Nutrition at San Diego State University to later pursue my certifications to be a Registered Dietitian. Besides taking countless nutrition courses, I've studied the Mediterranean Diet abroad in Spain and completed a nutrition education internship teaching nutrition and cooking healthy recipes with kids.

I am always on a never ending quest to make healthy eating fun, simple and very delicious for everyone to enjoy. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables to our meals doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless but it is an adventure to explore!  I want to help each and every one of you be able to see the absolute best version of you through better eating and cooking. I am excited to hear from you guys and share with you all my experiences and knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition!

Because I personally know the hardships of starting a journey to fitness, my hope and inspiration for this blog is to end the fear and intimidation that normally comes with change and eating healthier when starting your wellness journey. It wasn't until I surrounded myself with others who encouraged me to pursue a healthier lifestyle but also I naturally became hooked on how much better my quality of life got when I started eating better, exercising more and practicing loving myself.