Prioritize Your Surroundings


Your environment reflects your physical, mental, and emotional lifestyle.  How you keep your living environment is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself.    Your surroundings have power over you or you can have the power over your surroundings.  Your living space can either magnify your stress or provide you with a place of comfort and relaxation.  The latter is what we aim to achieve.  By cleaning out, organizing, and simplifying your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, clothing drawers, and closets, this can have a big impact on your state of mind.        

Change in itself can be emotional and overwhelming.  When you have support, structure, and someone to help remind you of the overall picture, the process can be less stressful and more therapeutic.  We know how to utilize your space and essential items in your home, that will be easy for you to maintain.     

A small refresh to your home can start you on your journey to clean eating, regular exercise, positive thinking, and self-care, which is all part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To book sessions, call or text Neely at 619.370.6588    

*All payments are through the MindBody App > Search: Initiate Change Fitness, create your personal account.


kitchen organization SESSIONS

Kitchen Cabinet & Refrigerator Organization, healthy food recommendations included

  • $75 per 1 hour session


home + Closet organization SESSIONS

Living Areas & Clothing Closet Organization, storage recommendations included

  • $75 per 1 hour session